Repair Services

Due to simple aging and normal wear and tear, all home products and appliances will eventually need repaired or replaced. At Scheel Construction Inc. we can handle all of your repair needs. Whether it is repairing a bookcase, resurfacing kitchen cabinets or a major roof repair, we offer quality home repair services at a competitive price.

Our experienced and qualified carpenters can repair or replace flooring to eliminate potential safety hazards; replace exterior wood that has rotted or been damaged by termites; and repair or replace interior trim, crown molding or wainscoting damaged by every-day use. We can repair doors that may squeak or stick due to expansion and contraction during climate changes and repair exterior deck planking or stairs that have sustained weather damage.

Upgrading your bathroom and kitchen with energy-efficient appliances and products can help you protect your investment. If you are considering putting your home on the market, Scheel Construction Inc. can help you with home repairs that will add value to your home and restore it to good condition. If you bought a house that is in need of repairs or remodeling, we can help you make the adjustments you need to make the house your home.

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